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Friday, January 06, 2006

Ride To Live White Water Crash Rough Cut for Trailer

Here is a rough cut of the White Water Crash. Cole is Run off the highway on his superbike by a vehicle on the wrong side of the road. This is the aftermath of him trying get out of his leathers and gear to survive through Class 4 rapids. He can't die here, his family must be saved. Or does he!
For anyone who hasn't read why I am putting these rough cuts on the blog just go to the previous blog "Ride To Live Dirt Bike Rough Cuts" and read it.
Im having a good time sharing this with you all. I get lots of emails from the web site but please comment here as well. Thanks for the motivation all. Ill be posting some of the road racing scenes pretty soon so stay tuned. Ride To Live.
A quote from D.J. Morrison, Thats me:
A little bit of success, breeds a lot of determination.
-D.J. Morrison

Ride To Live Dirt Bike Rough Cuts for Trailer

Some of my friends think I am crazy for showing an unfinished rough cut of any movie clip/scene. To me the reality of seeing the forest through the trees is always my main focus. Those people who see something and instantly give you negatives and spread negative rumors, "even after you have told them this is a rough cut," are an interesting sort. The process of creating is just that, its creating. That means you get to change things as you go. You have the opportunity to listen to other peoples critiques and use them if it works. Im always looking for that great cohesive, positive person or group. These are fun people to be around. We are after all creating with limited resources and the more creative we are the more rewarding it feels, but enough of that. This blog is about the evolution of my filmaking. As part of that evolution I want to share these rough cuts so that when you see the finished product you can see the thought, creativity and accomplishment of what works and what does not. I hope this will be fun for you to compare what you might do as opposed to what I do by the end of this trailier. That is what this is by the way. The beginnings of clips for the Ride To Live trailer. Obviously you dont know what footage I have in the bag to make changes with but we could have some fun conversations about doing and wish lists. As an independant filmaker I have huge wish lists. This trailer is to try and raise money for the film.
The clip you are going to see, if you click on the link or picture, is a point where Cole has to steal a dirt bike to continue the ride after crashing his street bike in the white water river. His families life is at stake and stealing/borrowing someone elses machine would be justified by most of us. I mean you would give it back right? Well Cole will and ultimately does.
In this sequence Cole cannot ride the dirtbike down the highway fast enough to make the ride in time. He decides to take a short cut on a fire road but is unaware that the bridge is out. As he sees the sign "Bridge Out," you will notice that it is a CG picture that is very elementary. That is ok because when you see the final one it will be a good comparison for the creative and accomlished product.
Enjoy it and let me know what you think.
If you want more info on the story read the premise at

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Ride To Live Movie Blooper Video

While I was shooting some of the Dirt Bike riding footage in the mountains of Idaho I needed a custom camera mount so I could ride the motorcycle on the dirt road and not have it shake and bounce around. What I ended up doing was using an old steel backpack frame, and super clamp and lots of duct tape to get the shots I need. After finishing up the day I had to ride the dirt bike up a major highway because my crew, 'family'" had already gone back to the cabin where we were staying. This clip is pretty funny. Its me riding up the road with commentary and goofy behavior. It had been a very long day and the return trip was a combination of fun and relief that It was time to relax. Now that I think about it I will grab a clip of the actual camera mount later and post it in another blog. It's hilarious in its self. So click on the picture and go look at the video. I hope everyone has a giggle.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Bike Thief The Movie See it Here LOL

I am going to start posting clips from my Ride To Live Movie and decided to start off with a film I did called Bike Thief. This is one of those deals where two guys go out just to test shoot some footage, check out the camera, the location etc. OK, it was just an opportunity to screw off and have fun. This is a goofy short film. Come see what happens when a clueless Bible Salesman finds a bike. Its under two minutes, has some ridiculous hilarious dialogue, ridiculous nonsense story and a good stunt in the end. I thought you all might have fun with it. It cracks me up. This is me on the bike by the way. It is right after we shot the Alamo in Texas so my hair was pretty scruffy. I almost called this Bible Salesman. Click on the picture and it will open the video. ANyone that uses Firefox let me know if you have any troubles visiting my site.
Also if you have trouble opening the video you can go right to the site here. Link

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Mark Cuban Not Bad Advice

OK, so you probably think from my blog title I don't like Mark Cuban. On the contrary, I just read something that has inspired me through the never ending struggle to find success in this life in doing what you enjoy and not what you hate, dispise, dislike or whatever the appropriate Dr. Phil response should be. Because I have been trying to make Indie films I keep track of 2929 Entertainment, Landmark Theatres, HDNet and other Mark Cuban enterprises. I met this cat several years ago at the SXSW film festival in Austin. When I say met it was like, "Hey this is Mark Cuban", "Hey nice to meet you, names D.J.". Well I followed up with emails after that encounter to try and push my ideas and projects but never got any reponse. After that experience I went through the acusation phase of "Mark Cubans a rich cocky punk that wouldn't know a good idea if it hit him in the head, he just got lucky". You guys know what I'm talking about, anything to try and make yourself feel better everytime you get a no, or in this case a no response at all. The endless struggle with staying positive in the face of adversity. Well I new better than all my initial inner tantrums. Mark Cuban is no different than any of the other companies and individuals I have been trying to get in touch with. When you have what others want the inundation of ideas, dreams and time wasting scams is going to be immense. So that being said I continued to watch the companies looking for an in. This watching includes keeping an eye on Cubans blog titled bolgmaverik. This leads me to this blog I am writing now. I have more skills than your average guy. Everything from, ah forget the everything from, lets just say I fall in the categorie of "Jack of All Trades Master of None". I constantly tell myself that the harder I work the luckier I get. This has been true as to the status of my Ride To Live project but not monetary success or contacts yet. So when I checked today I saw some of Cubans favorite posts from years past Categoried so I read the first one. "Success and Motivation: Part 1."
Its things like this that actually motivate people like me. Yeah I think he's cocky, arrogant, etc... but when I read about his struggles and see the same thoughts, ideas and dreams I have written by someone else who has "made it", It fule's my fire to keep moving full steam ahead. Besides arrogance is often confused with determination and confidence. I have a motto that I wrote. I'll leave it at the end of the blog but go check Cuban's article out. If your looking for a light at the end of the tunnel this may help. Good luck all.
D.J. Morrison Personal Quote: "A little bit of success breeds a lot of determination".

Monday, October 10, 2005

Ride To Live Auditions

I held auditions for cast this last Saturday at the Austin Film Studios. What a great turn out. Austin Texas really is a special place with very talented and committed people. I did find the talent I need and am very excited about working with them. One thing about this audition that really showed actor dedication was that I did not give out sides ahead of time. The talent all arrived early and that is when they got their sides. Most did a great job and then when I gave them some direction they really nailed it. Now of course there where those that didnt have the acting chops, but they were great folks willing to participate in the film as extras for no pay. Yeah, Austin Rocks. The reality is that I moved to Austin in the end of 1998, no job, nothing. Through this great community and the networking provided I am now Producing and Directing a feature film I wrote, Ride To Live obviously. Austin is a special place and I look forward to a successful film allowing me to move up the food chain and make larger budget films that will bring some revenue to Austin and its crews. This picture is of my camera man right after he had hiked 2 miles down a train track to shoot some road race action across the raging Payetter river. He also happens to be my son and did a great job. How is everyone out in blogland anyway?

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Weekend Filming Canceled Due To Hurricane Rita

Hurricane Rita us going to blow through the Austin Texas area this weekend so I have cancelled the "Ride To Live" filming. Well get back at it next weekend. Stay safe all.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Street Bike Road Racing Shoot

If I had the cash to layout I would definitely close the roads I shot on. I do feel fortunate for the great footage I was able to get but man, if only I didn’t have to deal with the traffic. I rode the 1986 Ninja 1000 during this scene. It wasn’t so much the traffic slowing me down that was the problem, it was the vehicles that look like they are from the year 2000 or newer ending up in the ride that is suppose to take place in 1988. The film “Ride To Live” starts in 1988 with an illegal road race that some friends of mine and I actually used to participate in. In the film a friend dies and then the film forwards to 2005. In 2005, Cole, the lead character, is forced to make the same ride again. So now you get the picture on the two different eras. During this shoot I rode the canyon between Cougar Mountain Lodge Idaho toward Cascade Idaho over and over. I did several takes with the camera mounted on the motorcycle, multiple era takes from a vehicle mount as well as stationary shots from any turnout we could find. Anywhere there was room to pull over and have Hunter run the camera on the side of the road we did. I would ride by heading both up the canyon then back down, stop for a wardrobe change and do it again. As in a gorilla shoot like this I was definitely a candidate for a meeting with the local law but it never happened. I feel fortunate that I never got pulled over.