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Friday, February 25, 2005

The Oscars

It is time again for the Oscars. Sunday February 27th. Chris Rock is going to be the host. Now this should be interesting. With Chris’s propensity for foul language I wonder if the delay switch will be set on hyperactive. The FCC is probably pretty nervous about now. I have visited the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. It is a most beautiful venue and I can only imagine what Oscar night will do to elevate the glamour factor. The producer’s blog for the Oscars has some great statistics in it. For example over 1600 men and women are working on elements of the show, from music and lighting to construction and costumes. That is a lot of behind the scenes organization for the producers. Gil Cates is the producer for this years Oscars. It is an extraordinary amount of work to salute the outstanding achievements in motion pictures in 2004. Louis J. Horvitz is the director this year and I am sure an extremely busy man as well. Even the presenters have an opportunity to practice. The presenters actually meet one on one with the produces and talk about their roles. Then they go to the stage and practice the delivery. When I watch the award shows they seem almost seamless in their performance. After keeping an eye on some of these blog’s and hearing more about the process I am impressed indeed. If you are heading out to Hollywood, California and too the Oscars let me know how it went.


Blogger Jessica Hart said...

Didn't you hear the latest? Only gay men watch the Oscars. ;-)

7:19 AM  

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