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Monday, February 14, 2005

Ride To Live Movie

I have embarked on the journey of producing my First Full Length Feature film. It is a film I have written and am planning to direct. I will share with all what I am doing to accomplish this goal. First let me say that I was not connected to the entertainment industry at all so part of my stories are how I am getting my foot in the door. This feature is called Ride To Live. You can see my website at The film is based on my life in the Late 80"s and the Illegal Motorcycle Racing we did back then. It brings us through time to present day. The logline is as follows. "After retiring his leathers as the reigning record holder of an illegal motorcycle race along a mountain highway, he returns 15 years later to face painful memories and protect his family from his past. He must Ride To Live. I will start encorporating these two sites together to share with you all tips, tricks and dogged determination to accomplish a dream. Please let me know some of your experiences.


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