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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

SXSW Coming Up

I am excited about the 2005 SXSW Film and Music Festival. Its hard to look back at realize that twelve months have already past. When I look at the goals I set from the last SXSW I can feel a little proud. We had planned to have one video, one short and two feature films in the can. Well I have one video, one short, and almost one feature in the can. The feature is actually my buddies that I am helping him with but it is one of the two we had planned. Not bad. last year I made some new contacts and had some success in setting up some good business relations. This SXSW will be a chance to get together face to face with these new friends. I'm off to South Padre next weekend for a shoot. I'll keep you posted. Anyone else heading to SXSW?


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