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Friday, September 16, 2005

Dirt Bike Steal and Ride To Freedom Scene

In my film “Ride To Live” there is a scene where Cole is forced to steal a dirt bike to continue his ride for freedom and save his family. We shot this up in the high country of Idaho outside of a town called New Meadows, in July. Besides being a beautiful setting and matching the script Idaho is providing us with no traffic or disturbances even without closing roads. So that being said the Film Gods where smiling down, “in a gift from above way,” that actually seemed like a problem. I’m talking about rain. We have one day to shoot this sequence of riding through the mountains on the dirt roads and after two takes it starts to rain. The rain came down hard for two hours till it finally stopped and the sun came out for about 45 minutes. The gift was this; it took away all of the dust, the sun dried out the road enough that it was not mud and I ended up with all the traction in the world. It was amazing. As a rider you are aware of different dirt conditions, some hard pack slick, some mud slick, some decent but dusty, etc... Well not today. It turned into a throw it in the corner, set up the slide pin the throttle and bam, see ya! Here are a couple of pictures from the actual footage shot. I’ll talk about some of the street bike road racing scenes later.


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