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Monday, October 10, 2005

Ride To Live Auditions

I held auditions for cast this last Saturday at the Austin Film Studios. What a great turn out. Austin Texas really is a special place with very talented and committed people. I did find the talent I need and am very excited about working with them. One thing about this audition that really showed actor dedication was that I did not give out sides ahead of time. The talent all arrived early and that is when they got their sides. Most did a great job and then when I gave them some direction they really nailed it. Now of course there where those that didnt have the acting chops, but they were great folks willing to participate in the film as extras for no pay. Yeah, Austin Rocks. The reality is that I moved to Austin in the end of 1998, no job, nothing. Through this great community and the networking provided I am now Producing and Directing a feature film I wrote, Ride To Live obviously. Austin is a special place and I look forward to a successful film allowing me to move up the food chain and make larger budget films that will bring some revenue to Austin and its crews. This picture is of my camera man right after he had hiked 2 miles down a train track to shoot some road race action across the raging Payetter river. He also happens to be my son and did a great job. How is everyone out in blogland anyway?


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