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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Mark Cuban Not Bad Advice

OK, so you probably think from my blog title I don't like Mark Cuban. On the contrary, I just read something that has inspired me through the never ending struggle to find success in this life in doing what you enjoy and not what you hate, dispise, dislike or whatever the appropriate Dr. Phil response should be. Because I have been trying to make Indie films I keep track of 2929 Entertainment, Landmark Theatres, HDNet and other Mark Cuban enterprises. I met this cat several years ago at the SXSW film festival in Austin. When I say met it was like, "Hey this is Mark Cuban", "Hey nice to meet you, names D.J.". Well I followed up with emails after that encounter to try and push my ideas and projects but never got any reponse. After that experience I went through the acusation phase of "Mark Cubans a rich cocky punk that wouldn't know a good idea if it hit him in the head, he just got lucky". You guys know what I'm talking about, anything to try and make yourself feel better everytime you get a no, or in this case a no response at all. The endless struggle with staying positive in the face of adversity. Well I new better than all my initial inner tantrums. Mark Cuban is no different than any of the other companies and individuals I have been trying to get in touch with. When you have what others want the inundation of ideas, dreams and time wasting scams is going to be immense. So that being said I continued to watch the companies looking for an in. This watching includes keeping an eye on Cubans blog titled bolgmaverik. This leads me to this blog I am writing now. I have more skills than your average guy. Everything from, ah forget the everything from, lets just say I fall in the categorie of "Jack of All Trades Master of None". I constantly tell myself that the harder I work the luckier I get. This has been true as to the status of my Ride To Live project but not monetary success or contacts yet. So when I checked today I saw some of Cubans favorite posts from years past Categoried so I read the first one. "Success and Motivation: Part 1."
Its things like this that actually motivate people like me. Yeah I think he's cocky, arrogant, etc... but when I read about his struggles and see the same thoughts, ideas and dreams I have written by someone else who has "made it", It fule's my fire to keep moving full steam ahead. Besides arrogance is often confused with determination and confidence. I have a motto that I wrote. I'll leave it at the end of the blog but go check Cuban's article out. If your looking for a light at the end of the tunnel this may help. Good luck all.
D.J. Morrison Personal Quote: "A little bit of success breeds a lot of determination".


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