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Friday, January 06, 2006

Ride To Live Dirt Bike Rough Cuts for Trailer

Some of my friends think I am crazy for showing an unfinished rough cut of any movie clip/scene. To me the reality of seeing the forest through the trees is always my main focus. Those people who see something and instantly give you negatives and spread negative rumors, "even after you have told them this is a rough cut," are an interesting sort. The process of creating is just that, its creating. That means you get to change things as you go. You have the opportunity to listen to other peoples critiques and use them if it works. Im always looking for that great cohesive, positive person or group. These are fun people to be around. We are after all creating with limited resources and the more creative we are the more rewarding it feels, but enough of that. This blog is about the evolution of my filmaking. As part of that evolution I want to share these rough cuts so that when you see the finished product you can see the thought, creativity and accomplishment of what works and what does not. I hope this will be fun for you to compare what you might do as opposed to what I do by the end of this trailier. That is what this is by the way. The beginnings of clips for the Ride To Live trailer. Obviously you dont know what footage I have in the bag to make changes with but we could have some fun conversations about doing and wish lists. As an independant filmaker I have huge wish lists. This trailer is to try and raise money for the film.
The clip you are going to see, if you click on the link or picture, is a point where Cole has to steal a dirt bike to continue the ride after crashing his street bike in the white water river. His families life is at stake and stealing/borrowing someone elses machine would be justified by most of us. I mean you would give it back right? Well Cole will and ultimately does.
In this sequence Cole cannot ride the dirtbike down the highway fast enough to make the ride in time. He decides to take a short cut on a fire road but is unaware that the bridge is out. As he sees the sign "Bridge Out," you will notice that it is a CG picture that is very elementary. That is ok because when you see the final one it will be a good comparison for the creative and accomlished product.
Enjoy it and let me know what you think.
If you want more info on the story read the premise at


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