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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Ride To Live Movie Blooper Video

While I was shooting some of the Dirt Bike riding footage in the mountains of Idaho I needed a custom camera mount so I could ride the motorcycle on the dirt road and not have it shake and bounce around. What I ended up doing was using an old steel backpack frame, and super clamp and lots of duct tape to get the shots I need. After finishing up the day I had to ride the dirt bike up a major highway because my crew, 'family'" had already gone back to the cabin where we were staying. This clip is pretty funny. Its me riding up the road with commentary and goofy behavior. It had been a very long day and the return trip was a combination of fun and relief that It was time to relax. Now that I think about it I will grab a clip of the actual camera mount later and post it in another blog. It's hilarious in its self. So click on the picture and go look at the video. I hope everyone has a giggle.


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